Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The "Cin-cess" is 2

Our little "Cin-cess" turned 2 and celebrated in true "cin-cess" style at the Neuschwanstein Castle (the one Disney castle is modeled from) in Fussen Germany.

She was so into her Birthday this year- singing and dancing while we sang the birthday song to her. She loved all of her "cin-cess" outfits, jewelry, books and purses (She had a lot of practice since we had to sing on several occasions- her gifts were lost with our luggage and some had to stay behind due to not fitting in luggage)

Our "Cin-cess" is spunky, determined, silly, sensitive, caring or as Daddy would call her "beauty and the beast".  She loves, loves, loves to DANCE, play music, eat, jump, balance, climb and slide at the playground, talks A LOT, takes care of her babies and is always in dress ups! She is a great sleeper in her big girl bed and is pretty close to potty training (not sure she knows that yet- but our lifetime supply of diapers is running out - only 2 boxes left!) We love watching her grow each day- she is truly a blessing to us!

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  1. Audrey, you are so pretty, little girl! I love the 4th photo of the family opening the present. It really makes me miss you!!!! Happy birthday sweetie pie!!!!