Thursday, August 16, 2012

Germany stop 3 and 4- Rothenburg and Geuser

Next stop... a few nights in a castle! A visit to Rothenburg ob der tauber and a stop in Geuser- the birthplace of the Wiedel family!
Castle Colmberg- the kids LOVED the idea of sleeping in a castle and exploring like knights.
Rothenburg ob der Tauber is storybook Germany. A city built within the protection of fortress wall.
The legend of Rothenburg is told by the clock tower. Every hour people gather in the town square to watch two figures pop out of the clock tower. Apparently in 1631 the mayor of the town saved the town from destruction by chugging 3 liters of wine in one gulp! A true hero- and rathering exciting to see his figure jump out of the clock tower...
Next stop Geuser- the home of the Wiedel ancestors...
This about sums up Geuser- 10 houses, 2 barns for everyhouse and....

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