Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Germany- Stop 2 Fussen

After an incredible time at the Eibsee resort, we headed out to Fussen in anticipation of the well known Castles of King Ludwig. We stayed in Suzanne's lovely B&B and got some much needed rest.
The story of King Ludwig is bizarre - he was an extravagant ruler that spent most of his life building this castle next to his childhood castle and after a decade of building it he only enjoyed living in it for 72 days! He was overthrown and mysterious found dead days later- talk about fantasy and tragedy. We experienced the castle from several views, but you can't take photos on the inside- which was even more incredible.
View from the bridge and from the hike below
View from the hike above the castle- does it look familiar?
 Its the one Disney used for it's design in the Magic Kingdom and Princess Aurora's castle.
We thought it was only fitting for Audrey to wear her princess outfit here and Luke is the frog prince (he was feeling left out and this is the best I could come up with). Perhaps the most entertaining part of the day was the reaction our little blonde princess received from the Japanese tourist! She is in MANY photo books- they were squeezing her, taking pictures with her, and doting all over her.
The town the castle is built near, Fussen, was very charming. And of course in typical Lester style the most enjoyable part was finding the playground and tasting the local ice cream.
One final shot just because- 

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