Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oma and Opa Visit

Oma and Opa are (were) here and they brought good weather (as good as it gets here 70 and sunshine). After one canceled flight and a day late arrival, the anticipation was over and every moment spent together will forever be cherished. It meant so much to finally be able to share our adventure abroad with family. Luke and Audrey could not have been more entertained, cuddled and loved then they were these past two weeks. Derek and I enjoyed adult company and babysitters! There truly is nothing more enjoyable then being around loved ones- even in TIGHT living quarters. So here is a glimpse of the things we did (with a future post on the trip to Germany):
An Indian Picnic in the Amsterdam Bos to celebrate the end of Lukes school year

A tour by bike through the Meusemplein, City canals and Vondelpark
Canal Cruise
The top of the Nemo Science Center, bubble boy and 3-D experiences

The North Sea

A street Market

And what kind of trip would it be if you didn't taste your way through it? 
Dutch Pancake House

Kaas (cheese), Ijsje (Ice Cream), Stroopwafels (waffle cookies)

Chocolade, Vis (fish), Broodje (bakery)

More Dutch Stuff:
Clogs, Cheese and Windmills

But the most enjoyable of all- just plain simple family time that came to an end WAY to Quickly! 
Thanks for being our first visitors! We Love you and MISS you terribly- Christmas can't come quick enough.

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