Friday, August 31, 2012

61+/ 425 Play Amsterdam

Its been a while since I've updated the playground adventures. We have been super busy exploring! This summers adventure of playgrounds found us in more then one country, all types of weather, and with lots of NEW friends to join us! Our skills on the playground are growing in leaps and bounds. Luke can climb any structure he comes upon- no matter how HIGH! He is the master of the sandbox- especially the ones with diggers and water features. Audrey is loving climbing, sliding, playing house, and moving around buckets of sand. Our long term play theme of superhero and bad guy has begun to fade away and we are now onto the play theme of  knights, princesses and dragons.
Germany- Fred Flinstone Style

Z45- Pastelstraat
The smallest worst playground to date- I think Luke is actually in the background of this photo- watering the bushes and Audrey is grunting to work out her morning BM. Less of a play break and more of a potty break! 

Z40-Willem Passtoorsstraat
This is where the princess and knight theme began! "Cin-cess" Audrey loves her big brother knight in shining armor and I am perfecting the dragon roar.

"Cin-cess" Jasmine and Aladin on their magic toucan ride

Hard day working at De Pijp petting zoo playground

One of my most favorite days of summer at Oosterpark paddling pool.

W132- JJ Cremerplein
Summer didnt last long- back into the rain gear and fall like clothing.

W129 Staringplein
The bookcase playground- who knew how fun this could be! We met our new Australian friends here- Ollie and Kninka.

W115-Nicolaas Beetsplantsoen
SSSSSS-snake playground

W123 Helmersplantsoen
It raining...its pouring

Back to the seaside- The North Sea Parnassia

Great little stop on the way home from school

A day out exploring with Daddy! Great playground right in the middle of the Noordemarkt

Break time- Albert Heijn dinner, cafe drinks for mom and dad, and a playground- typical Amsterdam fashion.

They rebuilt the playground on the way to the recycle bin! Perfect quick outing to save the planet and burn some energy.

A new favorite- on the water, amazing sand box, pirate ship, picnic spots, and a petting zoo!

"Cin-cess" Cinderella and her prince charming- finally not the dragon - just the evil stepmother (ha)

So many new favorites this summer- the PIRATE playground for the pirate and princess

Top of the Nemo- Amsterdam Science center

Paddling pool and tipee

Luke and his Dutch friend riding a bike in true Amsterdam style

W118- Jelfje de Bosch Kemperpad     
Slide away! Again...and again... and again

C14- Piramide Speeltuin
Pyramid Playground and our buddy Carolyn. This is another FAVORITE- it comes with a teacher! She does relays with the kids, water games, bikes galore, arts and crafts, and so much more. Right next to Central Station

W121- Lootstraat
Moving balance beam- or a drawl bridge for the castle

W112-Ten Kateplein
More pigeons then pieces of equipment here- no return visit to this one!

So many of our adventures end like this and I wouldn't have it any other way! PS- this was 5:30pm and lights out for the rest of the night.

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