Thursday, August 9, 2012

Germany- Stop 1

We had an incredible time on our Germany trip. We sure fit a lot in to the 9 days we spent there with 2 grandparents, 2 toddlers, and 2 parents without ANY luggage for 5 days! With that being said- please refrain from laughing at the second hand clothing we purchased in the German Alps- there were not a lot of pickings and 100 Euros (compliments of KLM) for losing our luggage doesnt go far. So here is Germany through mostly images:
Stop 1: Eibsee Lake Resort with incredible views and activities on the Crystal Clear Lake and Zugitze- the Highest point in the German Alps

We made it to the top of Germany and Austria 
(cheater style on a Gondola)

A true Bavarian man celebrating his 60th Birthday in style!

Nothing like sledding and walking around a glacier in July! 
For Derek and I there are few things more enjoyable then taking our kids outdoors to explore in nature- even if it is a 4 miles hike in the rain for half the time.
Yes that is a tiara on Audrey's head- it was her 2nd birthday- how could I say "No"?

A traumatic lesson in "catch and release"

Now do you agree- there is nothing more incredible then a morning hike like this?
Well... the Partnach Gorge was a close second- but it was impossible to catch a true image due to water mist... but we tried

Derek and I enjoyed incredible sites hiking through and above the clouds ...

 while Mom and Dad enjoyed relaxing and spending time with the kids.

Next stop- Rothenburg, Fussen, Gueser and Munich (only 1,000+ more photos to sort through)


  1. WOW! How fun, Maureen! These pictures are beautiful!!

  2. Wow! That looks like so much fun. We wish we were there! Oh, yeah, we were. Wish we could be there NOW. Love, Opa Kevin and Oma Mary (better known as Grandma and Grandpa)

  3. Maureen, these are wonderful pictures. It looks like it was a great family vacation!