Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30- 39 /425+ PLAY!

Initially I envisioned a spring and summer of hitting the playgrounds- but unfortunately Amsterdam has different plans. A playmate of ours stated it perfectly "The coldest winter of my life.. was the summer of Amsterdam". Despite the cold weather we are averaging 10 new playgrounds a month.. . with several repeat visits to our favorite play date spots
Z76- "The Toy Graveyard" No toy ever dies in this neighborhood... just take it to the toy graveyard!

This is just outside of the city- along the Amstel River. It was a school field trip. Audrey is REALLY perfecting that cheese smile (HA)

W 131- So many fun climbing things for spiderman! Audrey made a little boyfriend and followed him around the whole time.

Z 71- They LOVE swinging together

Z 67- Luke loves helping Audrey climb things. She is his little shadow!

C 66- The Heineken Playground- located just outside of the heineken brewery. Spiderman was the hit of the playground today. Audrey loved playing house and the giant in ground trampoline.

Z 37- Nothing too exciting but these domes are their current playground favorites.
Z 38- a Toucan! We are really into toucans these days- Luke loves learning about birds.

Z39- Look at that little climber- she is a maniac! Luke loves having a sister that can keep up with him.

0 60- Oosterpark- a nostalgic playground for me- see saws, roundabouts, swings- things that don't 
exist in American playgrounds. This spinning see- saw was TOO fun- and again these kids are crazy- I could not spin it quick enough for them!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing men in my life and my children's lives! 
Derek is such a simple family guy- his idea of the perfect fathers day was just to be with the kids doing everyday kind of things. So in Amsterdam that meant a family bike ride through the city to discover a new market, buying some delicious food to cook at home, and playing at the playground. 

Luke and Audrey LOVE their Daddy!

They had so much fun making him his Father's day present....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Photo Drop

There have been a few things that I've wanted to blog about lately- but these kids are waring me out! They are non stop- in a good way(most of the time)- lots of laughter and creativity.  
Angry Bird (Cars)- Lester Style

6am Wake up,dress your yourself and of course a
morning dance party!

oh how Audrey loves the pink shaker,
holding a purse
and dressing up!

Looking a little European lately? The spiky hair was getting out of control-
I attempted to shave it- and wound up at the Kapper (Barber)

BRRRRR- freezing day at the beach!

Okay- so I am slightly obsessed with Audrey these days! She is hilarious and full of attitude.

and Luke- full of curiosity and adventurous! He is growing up so fast- I can't believe the 
things he says and does!

Hopefully soon I can write about life in Amsterdam- can you believe it has been THREE months!