Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30- 39 /425+ PLAY!

Initially I envisioned a spring and summer of hitting the playgrounds- but unfortunately Amsterdam has different plans. A playmate of ours stated it perfectly "The coldest winter of my life.. was the summer of Amsterdam". Despite the cold weather we are averaging 10 new playgrounds a month.. . with several repeat visits to our favorite play date spots
Z76- "The Toy Graveyard" No toy ever dies in this neighborhood... just take it to the toy graveyard!

This is just outside of the city- along the Amstel River. It was a school field trip. Audrey is REALLY perfecting that cheese smile (HA)

W 131- So many fun climbing things for spiderman! Audrey made a little boyfriend and followed him around the whole time.

Z 71- They LOVE swinging together

Z 67- Luke loves helping Audrey climb things. She is his little shadow!

C 66- The Heineken Playground- located just outside of the heineken brewery. Spiderman was the hit of the playground today. Audrey loved playing house and the giant in ground trampoline.

Z 37- Nothing too exciting but these domes are their current playground favorites.
Z 38- a Toucan! We are really into toucans these days- Luke loves learning about birds.

Z39- Look at that little climber- she is a maniac! Luke loves having a sister that can keep up with him.

0 60- Oosterpark- a nostalgic playground for me- see saws, roundabouts, swings- things that don't 
exist in American playgrounds. This spinning see- saw was TOO fun- and again these kids are crazy- I could not spin it quick enough for them!


  1. Maureen & Derek,
    What cute, adorable kids. Hey, Audrey sure has come a long way from the gymnastics group I saw her in. She is attacking the playgrounds! Nice work on that trampoline.
    Luke, we'll go bird watching when we come visit and I'll tell y ou everthing I know about birds! No spinning though for me in the playgrounds,
    Love you,

    Grandpa & Grandma

  2. Oh the spinning things drive me crazy- I get dizzy just pushing and watching! Somehow kids can spin ENDLESSLY!