Saturday, July 7, 2012

A little warm weather fun!

Well it seems that it is possible for Amsterdam to have a bit of good weather. Its been rather sunny here (for almost two weeks!)- cloudy at times- but sunny!  Temperatures have been ranging from 70-80. I actually enjoy it much more then the hot and humid Maryland summer- which I hear, and even read in the local Amsterdam newspaper has been reaching 100+. So here are a few pictures of what Luke and Audrey have been up to during these warm days....
LOTS of Pirate and Princess time

The petting Zoo

Painting with our feet

Lekker...Lekker (yummy..Yummy)


 One messy Princess Bee
 Pool and playground time

1 comment:

  1. Can we play too? Can't wait for our turn playing pirates and princesses with Luke and Audrey. Also, how about painting with our feet and hands? Maureen, you are a great mom with a terrific creative side. We are counting down until we blast off for Amsterdam! 10,.....
    Love you!