Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Signs of adjusting...

WOW! I just realized that today is the 10th of July. That means we have been here FOUR full months! It seems crazy that so much time has passed- and I can honestly say (even though I feel sad in saying it) I believe we have settled in. I've been thinking about it a lot lately- and here are a few of the reasons I think we are settled:
  • I haven't lost anything in over two months- no sets of keys, no wallets, no Iphones -which means I haven't been locked out in the pouring rain with two kids and a week worth of groceries in over 2 months :) 
  • I'm not afraid of the rain anymore- I actually enjoy it (okay maybe a little exaggeration)- but I no longer plan my day around when it will rain.
  • The idea of grocery shopping everyday is not as daunting - some days I even go twice!
  • Riding the bike is fun, easy and cheap- we have only filled the gas tank in the REAL car 3x in four months- one of those times doesn't even count, because Derek left the car on and the tank emptied itself while the car sat running for a day or so
  • We have a FRIDAY playgroup- I MISS the Severna Park friday group tremendously- but we have a great mix of moms and kids here too!
  • I can now successfully pronounce J's as Y's and W's as V's! Still working on the "clear your throat sound" for the G's.
  • The kids are becoming bilingual! Luke is starting to say Dutch sentences and Audrey has her first 5 dutch words.
  • I have replaced one of my coffee breaks with a tea break - it's too cold here not to warm yourself up with a hot beverage several times per day.
  • Sandwiches with one slice of meat or fried eggs for lunch really can fill you up- I am actually eating a fried egg for lunch as I type.
  • we actually eat fish several times a week rather then just talk about doing it- and I can identify the different types of fish when I go to the market rather then be grossed out by them
  • I can actually fall asleep with the sun shining and the birds chirping at 11pm- its refreshing to wake up after a night sleep feeling like you took a quick afternoon nap ( the sun greets me at 5am!)
  • I can find my way home from pretty much everywhere in the city- it really does pay to get lost while riding the bike to far away playgrounds and training for a marathon!
  • I understand the options the phone operator is saying and can successfully navigate my way through a computerized system! (that was a proud moment)
  • We have rode an entire family on one bike- all 4 of us in the minivan!
  • I own more then one bike- the mom minivan and my new sporty 7 speed for the times I get to go out without kids!
  • The smell of cigarette smoke and marijuana doesn't gag me any more (sad but true- Europeans love smoking-Ughhh)
  • I don't feel like I am living in the "Truman show" movie anymore- the houses, the people, the outfits, the trams and bikes seem like they have always surrounded me.
  • I am getting used to the fact that hundreds of tourist are placing pictures of my minivan and adorable children in their European vacation scrapbook (Say KAAS.... (cheese))
  • Our idea of a fun weekend outing is driving an hour to a large national park with free bikes and riding them for an entire day! (as if we dont already ride bikes enough)

Can't wait to see what the next few months bring our way- We are currently counting down the days until our first visitors come- Oma and Opa! (the Wiedel grandparents). And our first trip to another country- Germany and Belgium here we come.

LOVE and Miss you ALL! Tot Ziens (see you soon)

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