Monday, May 28, 2012

Play Amsterdam 29 / 425

Here are the photos from our latest playground adventures! When I decided to take the kids to all 425 parks in Amsterdam I had no clue how memorable it would become. The kids love seeking out new places, trying new climbing structures and PLAYING CHASE! In just the past few months they have become so adventurous and confident at the playground. Luke has mastered the somersault bar and Audrey can climb any ladder to FLY down the slides. I love the impromptu play that occurs also- like playing knight and princess, king of the jungle, starting a marching band with buckets in the sandbox, collecting rocks and practicing counting to 25! 
Z1 Vondelpark

Z52- Gerrit Van Der Veenstraat

Z12-Theophile de Bockstraat

W116-Alberdingk Thijmstraat

W119- WG Plein
Z2-Van De Veldstraat


Z61-Hygieaplein #2

Z4- Museumplein


  1. Can't wait to take the kids to some playgrounds. We can help you check off some of the 425 playgrounds! What are the size restrictions because it will be hard to keep grandpa off the riding and sliding toys. Looking forward to romping and jumping and running with you! Love
    You guys a boo peck! Grandma and grandpa