Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Abroad...

This Mothers Day (weekend) was truly memorable not because we are abroad- but because the kids were totally into it! They were so cuddly and wanted to give me special little things all day long. Luke went with Derek to the market to get me flowers ....
We live in a country with some of the most amazing flower in the world- and when you send a three year old to the Market to pick some up... you end up with Neon Orange Gerber daisies- the MOST AMAZING flowers in all the WORLD (at least to me)!

Saturday we took a long (very long) bike ride down the Amstel River. The trip was filled with your typical Holland sites- goats, sheeps, cows, flowers, thatched houses, windmills, cheese and clog shops-

Of course the only two people that took a nap after this journey was Derek and I!

Perhaps the most memorable part of the weekend was our trip to the Amsterdam Bos (forest). Its such a large place with so many things to do. Todays activity was a ride on a boat from miniworld. Check out my adorable Captains- (Audrey is working hard to perfect her "cheese" face)
Luke picked out a rescue boat for our tour of the Lake. Audrey loved steering the boat with Derek and talking to the Ducks as we passed by. Luke called out to everyone he saw on bridges and the shore that he would rescue them if they fell in! 

 I just adore these two kids- even when they refuse to pose for a picture with me!
 I am also so grateful for sharing these moments with their incredible Dad!

We hope that all the amazing Moms we know back in the States had a wonderful Mother's Day as well! 


  1. What a wonderful day for the Lesters. Tell Luke he can rescue us any day. Thanks Derek and kids for being so good to our Maureen! Love you all. Happy Mother's Day. Love, grandma and grandpa

  2. Btw looks like you celebrated Orange Day again with the orange flowers, lucena let's and boat.