Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Marathon

Last weekend Derek and I ran the Amsterdam Marathon with 33,000 other runners! It was my third full and Derek's first. We ran the first 30 km together before I hit a burst of energy and Derek hit a brick wall. I finished in 4.17 beating my best race time by nearly 30 minutes! Derek finished in 4.29 beating my first marathon by 17 minutes. I will run another one some day- Derek is officially finished.
Before and After- look how proud we look!

Usually when people think about running a marathon they think of the 26.2 miles or in this case 42 kilometers that you run on the official day. But the real experience includes 26 weeks of training to build up the 26.2 miles of running. For us that meant a combined few hundred miles of running around and through Amsterdam, eating up our weekend mornings!

We stuck together for 30km and then our paces changed.

Here I am running the last loop around the olympic track and cheesing for the camera...
                                             and here is Derek- not feeling as celebratory!
Derek will now mark Marathon off his bucket list. I will try to do a few more every few years or so-any takers?

*** Pirated photos compliments of my mom! ***

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