Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bikes... Bikes and more Bikes

Just when you think you have seen all the different kinds of bikes that exist- you find a new one. I wish my bike had an odomoter on it- I easily log 40+ miles a week on it- so in almost 6 months that would be close to the 1,000 miles marker. I feel like I should take it in for a tune up, tire rotation or maybe a break inspection.

rent a bike- just like green wheels
Nice outfit
The true mean of group fitness

our adorable little strider- she can really move on this!

More to come- I really need to get back to taking pictures while out and about

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  1. I remember seeing the group bike when we all travelled to Murnich, Germany. We were in the English Garden, a large beautiful park. The groups seemed to be all celebrating marriages that had already taken place or would soon be happening. Got to be able to work together!