Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

Halloween does not exist in the Nederlands. That is until you start an expat website and word gets out and over 400 families sign up to attend! Families were asked to donate 6 bags of candy prior to today and then the candy was distributed to volunteer "host" families. A map was given out of over 70 houses that agreed to pass out candy in one particular neighborhood. Host families spared no expense. The decorations were over the top, businesses gave out free food, had wine tasting, free perfume, hair products and off course there was a Pofferties van- passing out "lekker" Dutch pancakes! This may have been the BEST halloween event I have ever seen. Here are our images:
Hard Rock Cafe Trick or Treating

Apparently there are only two sizes of Pumpkins in Amsterdam- Small and X-Large.
We Chose to carve small:)

Hanging out waiting for trick or treat to start

Luke came home with a full bucket of candy.... Audrey's was empty because she ate it all!
The effects of Sugar!

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