Friday, April 6, 2012

Settling in...

The vacation feel to Amsterdam has started to fade away.. the sunshine has disappeared and its COLD!
 The moving truck arrived on Friday and the reality of Amsterdam becoming our home hit HARD!
The social worker in me knows there are stages for culture shock, assimilation, etc... but the human/ mom in me is struggling to acknowledge them and work through them :(

There sure was a lot of stuff to put away and distract me from the overwhelming feelings-

as if that wasn't hard enough-  Luke left with Derek looking like a little boy and came back with a "spiky" haircut and looking like a big really big full grown kid!
Yup- I LOST IT! 
But only for a short while... because he also returned with this delicious chocolate cake from the chocolatier down the street (I had been trying to avoid ever going into that store- but now I know the chocolate maker by name!)
 Apparently all of the Lesters enjoy eating their blues away!
Despite feeling down-  we have continued to enjoy exploring our new surroundings...
 playing together...
 and finding all the things that make Holland so unique

 We've especially enjoyed Sunday family skype night!

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