Friday, April 20, 2012

Play Amsterdam

I found the parents guide to Amsterdam! I actually read about it before moving here and knew instantly this was the way that I would discover the city of Amsterdam. The kids and I ventured out in the rain last week to pick up our copy at the English Bookstore. Since then we have been having fun riding in the bike and playing eye spy as we search for playgrounds. To date- we have checked off 17 of the 425 playgrounds located within the A10 Ring!

Here we are back in October at our very first Amsterdam playground in the Amsterdam Bos during our househunting trip! They are going to grow so big during this adventure and I can't wait to experience every moment of it with them!

The book is organized into neighborhoods so we (I) plan to just pick an area of town every so often and head out exploring- recording our discoveries as we go.
This one was also on our house hunting trip- I could not believe how brave Luke was climbing on it! It's in Vondelpark and we pass it almost everyday on our bike! The first time we were there Audrey decided she preferred watching from below. Now she climbs it too
Z27-Frans Van Mierisstraat

Z6 Vondelpark
Z5- Vondelpark Melkhuis Cafe
Z3- Vondelpark

Z4- Museumplein

W103- Rembrandt Park: petting zoo-  site of the wild goat attack!

Audrey's first time on a BIG Girl swing
Z-41 Henriette Ronnerplein
Z35 Henrick de Keijserplein
Z14 Hondecoeterstraat

Z53 Mesdagstraat

Z49- Memlingstraat

Luke and Audrey- you can tip your tour guide later!
I love you two and am so glad to be able to have this experience with you-
Here's to a fun adventure, lots of slides, climbing and making memories!

I really need to figure out how to work pictures in this blog- this took way to long and the formating is terrible- oh well.


  1. You should write a book of reviews of Amsterdam parks-seriously!

  2. There is one- that is how we are finding them all! But i may start a club that explores them with us:)