Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter in Amsterdam...

It's Easter in Amsterdam and our first holiday away from America! We wanted to make the weekend extra special to distract us from missing our traditions back home. So- Friday was spent exploring markets around the city seeking out fun foods for our Easter feast...and treats we found... some of which didn't make it until Easter- to be honest... 

 some didn't even make it home from the market!)
But no worries- the Easter bunny was extra kind and welcoming to our Brood Abroad. The kids baskets were filled with Holland goodies.. featuring Jip and Janekke (very popular children's books by Annie MG Schmidt), a knight costume, and much needed sand toys for the playgrounds!
 Here is our knight in shinning armor-
 Note to self: DO NOT give easter baskets until after you attend church! As a trade off for taking the knight outfit off and putting on church clothes- our knight in shining armor spent the remainder of the day with us (see below)
This is the church we attended on our street. It had the most enjoyable music! Too bad Audreys singing screeching ended our experience a little before the closing hymn. 
 After mass we grabbed coffee and let the kids enjoy the ducks at the nearby canal. Actually, we went there because I thought it was a great location for family photos. 
 The kids (as always) had other plans...
 So instead of the dreamy photos in my head of my kids holding hands under the willow trees, with a beautiful canal filled with boats in the background- I get these. Don't you love the cars and buildings in the background- haha.

 This one is really dreamy- Luke is crying because he wants more candy and Audrey is pouting because she heard the word no. Are these our front steps you ask? Of course not!
 Enter the knight costume- after several melt downs we took off on our bikes to the Amsterdam Bos (forest). Its about a 30 minute bike ride to a huge park with so much to do. Today we went to the Geitenboerderij Rodammerhoeve (Goat Farm). Amsterdam is such a kid friendly place. There are petting zoos, playgrounds, kid friendly museums, restaurants, etc.. everywhere.

The kids (and mommy and daddy) had a great time feeding and petting God's little and large (rather aggressive at times)- creatures!
We had a wonderful day together making memories and celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord.

 Happy EASTER!
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  1. i loveeee all the pictures. did you get any looks walking around the park with a knight??

  2. We love this blog.......miss you guys

  3. How I love all my little bunnies. It was truly wonderful skyping with you on Easter (and most mornings!) It lessens the sting of your absence a little. So glad that you are taking LOTS of photos. Dad and I treasure each one of Luke and Audrey but also you and Derek! Keep posting---we will never tire of them.