Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our little Van Gogh

Luke LOVES to draw and make things. Here are few of his favorites in the past few months. I'm not too sure whats typical for a 3-3.5 year old but I am always impressed by his imagination and the outcome!
The Jungle
Shapes person using a hammer and nails

The Lion- now hanging in a Museum in Amstelveen (just outside of the city)

Soliders and Horses (his are on the left mine are on the right)
His first detailed person (now he does them all day long)
Self Portrait (okay I did this but I love this pics)
His creation- The marble drop
Luke and the Attack of the Giant Fly

The little builder
Silly Faces (at least that what he told me when I found him doing this)


  1. Little Vincent... great artwork! Love the face painting. I'm a little concerned though about the chalk figure on the pole in the park. You realize you are teaching your kid to do graffiti.

  2. I'd say he has one creative mommy to supply all of this fun art!! You inspire me :)