Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to your blog!  We are going to miss you so much and we want you to know how much you are loved.  Make sure to keep us updated on all of our adventures abroad.  

I remember the first time I came to play group at Shannon's beach she was so friendly and welcoming. I remember thinking she was so down to earth when she changed Audrey's diaper on a picnic table. It was something I would have done and I knew that we would get along well. I will miss seeing her, Luke and Audrey on Friday mornings.
Abigail Baker

We will miss you and all the hysterical Maureen stories.  Can’t wait to hear all about the adventures ahead. I have no doubt there will be many!! Sounds like it will be an awesome lifestyle and am very excited for you!! Let me know if you’re looking for some visitors!!    Best wishes for a brand new future!!!!
Kimberly Bellotte

Maureen, I'm glad our boys have been in the same class together.  I know they will miss Luke next year!
Have a wonderful adventure!
Kate Cleven

I think my favorite memory of Maureen is what a wonderful, creative mother she is.  She is an amazing friend and a real "go getter".  She has made mine and my children's lives better and more fun. 
She has also done such a wonderful job with the Mom's Club and all the wonderful effort made the Club such an enjoyable thing to be a part of. 
We will miss her and her lovely family!!!   
Another favorite story of mine is watching Maureen try and make a Christmas Tree out of all the empty wine bottles from the Christmas Party.  HILARIOUS!! 
Kelly Osborne

My memory is of walking on the trail with Maureen and kids.  She was smoking me even pushing two kids.  Very inspirational!
Taffy Davies

My favorite Maureen story took place last week when I declined to go to playgroup because both my girls had RSV.  Maureen offered to bring me hot coffee in the morning.  This was one of the kindest gestures because I can only imagine how busy and the amount of stress she is under packing up her family while her husband is already abroad.  You are an amazing friend!! Maureen you will be very missed and we can't wait until you come back.  Have a wonderful adventure with your family!!  XOXO
Marianne Worthington


I’ll never forget the day I met you at the park.  Audrey was a tiny baby and Luke was adorable and you’d walked all the way from your house to Little Kinder!  I couldn’t believe you walked all that way-you are one brave and confident girl, Maureen!  I said, “are you in the moms’ club?” And you said, “no, but what is this moms’ club thing?”  That is so like you-outgoing and friendly.  We really hit it off right away.  You are so down to earth, fun-loving, and energetic.  You would do anything for anyone and we all love you for it!  We also LOVE your stories…like the time Luke painted his eye with your fingernail polish!  When you were washing it out, he said something about the couch and you dropped him to run and see if the couch was ok!  HA!  So make some wonderful memories over there and don’t forget to share them with us! 
I will miss you, Harper will definitely miss you, and you better come back soon!  I’m so happy for you to start this amazing chapter in your life.  Have SO much fun!
Love, Kristy

Two of my favorite memories of you both have to do with your love of the outdoors and ability to make the most of every moment! The first is when I had the hair-brained idea to have playgroup at the upper playground of Sandy Point State Park and the oh so professional Barney-one-bullet rent-a-cop told us we couldn’t park there, so you Raegan and I ran back and forth, shuttling all the minivans to the public lot. HA!
The second is when we dropped our items off at the She-Sale at Truxtun Park Rec Center. After checking in, since we had the kids and they had been cooped up in the strollers, we wanted to find a place for them to run around – preferably a playgroup. There however was no playground to be found. You suggested we walk down a shady (in more ways than one) path behind the rec center. So with strollers and 4 kids in tow, we trundled down this little clearing which ended up being a nice little trail. The kids had a blast and inside I was so proud of myself for not chickening out and allowing myself to be spontaneous. 
I admire your sense of adventure and cannot think of a better person to be offered the opportunity to spend the next couple of years traveling Europe. I know you will make the most of it and savor every moment!
Wishing you all the best, my friend!
Sarah Thompson

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